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It's your time to reap the rewards of your lifelong work on behalf of others because you develop processes to make our lives cleaner, brighter, faster and better. You give manufacturing its own brand of cool, bold patents on limitless imagination, help keep global economies running, and research impossibilities and turn them into realities.

SME has a number of awards to honor your efforts and contributions throughout your career. How will you be recognized?

Honor AwardsInternational Honor Awards

Comprised of seven awards that recognize significant contributions to the field of manufacturing engineering in the areas of manufacturing technologies, processes, technical writing, education, research, management and service to SME. Nominations Due: Aug. 1


FellowsCollege of Fellows

Elected members, who have made outstanding contributions to the social, technological and educational aspects of the profession, can receive this recognition. This is a distinctive and prestigious honor that can only be earned through years (20 or more) of dedication and service. Nominations Due: Dec. 1


HonoraryHonorary Membership

Conferred upon an individual of recognized ability and stature who has, by voluntary action, contributed their substantial skills and talent to accomplish the goals of SME.


Award of MeritAward of Merit

Honors members who have made valued, balanced contributions to SME's professional activities and growth. Nominations Due: Aug. 1  


M. Eugent Merchant AwardM. Eugene Merchant Manufacturing Medal of ASME/SME

Awarded to an individual who has had significant influence and responsibility for improving the productivity and efficiency (either by research or by implementation of research) of the manufacturing operation(s). This award was established in 1986 in honor of M. Eugene Merchant, who served as SME president in 1976-77. Nominations Due: Feb. 1 

OYMEOutstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer

Recognizes innovators, age 35 and younger, in both academia and industry for exceptional accomplishments, such as technical publications, patents or technical-professional leadership. Nominations Due: Aug. 1