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Institutional Group Membership

This membership level is available to:

  • Colleges, universities and technical institutes interested in providing their faculty and staff with access to SME’s rich resources and knowledge of manufacturing.
  • Schools or departments at colleges, universities and technical institutes focused on engineering and manufacturing.
  • Does not include memberships for students. They can join separately as SME Postsecondary Members.

Current Institutional Members

ABET Program Evaluation

SME is one of only 35 organizations that provides ABET with input on the more than 3,600 scientific and technical programs at 700+ institutions in 29 countries. SME members serve as program evaluators for manufacturing technology and manufacturing engineering programs.


This group program provides five professional memberships for faculty, administrators and staff for a fee of $750.

  • Employees at the same institution can join or renew at a special rate of $20 per year.
  • The membership covers all campuses of the same institution.
  • This program does not cover memberships for students nor is it related to the establishment of a student chapter on campus.


  • Ralton Emory, SME Member and Industry Relations Manager, at 865.248.4913 or
  • Dave Moulton, SME Member Services Manager, at 313.425.3213 or  

Gain Access to Valuable Industry Knowledge & Resources

SME’s members are industry practitioners who are eager to share their knowledge. They are interested in learning from and supporting programs at local institutions. This exchange of knowledge over the past eight decades has created an exciting collection of information that can be used in your program by your faculty to the benefit of your students.

Key resources for institutions include:

North American Manufacturing Research Institution (NAMRI/SME) NAMRI/SME brings together researchers from leading companies, government laboratories, academic institutions and industrial think tanks located around the world for the purpose of advancing the scientific foundation of discrete-parts manufacturing.

NAMRI/SME holds an annual conference (the North American Manufacturing Research Conference) at which members present and discuss their research results and work-in-progress. The NAMRI/SME Scientific Committee rigorously reviews all submitted research papers for this event and publishes the collective work in Proceedia Manufacturing.

Published for SME by Elsevier Publishing and included in the ScienceDirect digital library. Manuscript submissions and the peer-review process are handled electronically through the Elsevier Editorial System. Supports tenure-track faculty seeking national, peer-reviewed publications.

SME members have FREE access to these journals and selected other features on ScienceDirect.

Knowledge & Resource Center
Custom research
Get customized research from a professional researcher with more than 20 years of experience. This is an SME member-only benefit. Ask technical questions and get personalized answers fast.

Technical Papers More than 16,000 individual papers make SME’s collection of manufacturing knowledge the largest of its kind. Find papers on best practices, advancements and industry trends.

Advanced Manufacturing Now
Weekly e-Newsletter
SME publishes the latest manufacturing news and technical information, including news about new technologies, educational webinars, podcasts and more.

Certification Faculty and staff can demonstrate their knowledge of manufacturing by earning certification through SME.

Lean Certification

Certified Manufacturing Technologist (CMfgT)

Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE)

SME members receive special pricing on certification study materials and examinations. Supports tenure-track faculty seeking validation of industry knowledge.

Daily Executive Briefing Members can keep up with industry changes by reading SME’s popular daily news summary. A member exclusive!

Digital Resources SME offers podcasts, videos and webinars to keep members up-to-date.

Industry Yearbooks (Annual)
  • Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing
  • Energy Manufacturing
  • Motorized Vehicle Manufacturing
Each annual industry yearbook presents the authoritative insights from manufacturing leaders who outline the major market trends, processes and technologies driving manufacturing success.

Manufacturing Engineering
Monthly Magazine
Receive 12 monthly issues of this highly respected magazine serving U.S. engineers and other manufacturing professionals who use manufacturing technologies. SME wants to hear publication suggestions and writing ideas from your faculty and staff.

Smart Manufacturing
Quarterly Magazine
This quarterly publication focuses on advanced manufacturing technologies and tools that are driven or enhanced by integrated information technology. Available free of charge to qualified U.S. subscribers only.

Special Reports These reports provide an in-depth analysis on topics of interest to SME readers to facilitate a conversation around manufacturing technology, policy and workforce development.

Tooling U-SME Augment your educational programs and introduce your students to industry standards. Offers online courses, custom courses, instructor-led courses, apprenticeship programs, assessments, certifications, e-books and videos. Free two-week trial.

Affinity Programs Auto Insurance, Health, Dental & Vision Insurance, Life & Supplemental Insurance.

Credentialing Members can add “SME Member” to their business card, office stationery, social media and email signature.

Connect with the Manufacturing Community

The SME Institutional Group Membership offers program administrators and faculty the opportunity to network with and form long-term relationships with members of the worldwide manufacturing community. After all, institutions of higher learning and manufacturers share an interest in advanced manufacturing technology and developing a skilled workforce. These relationships can lead to program development, funding, guest speakers, tours at local companies — in other words, great opportunities for growth for your program, your faculty and your students.

Here are examples of ways the institution can connect to manufacturing through SME:

Local Chapters Form an SME student chapter on your campus. Build relationships with professionals in local industries. Invite them to speak to your students or on industry panels. Arrange tours of local industry for your students through the connections you make through the chapter.

SME Connect Faculty and staff who are members can join SME’S online network to share and gain industry insights.

In this online environment, they can easy engage with practitioners, business leaders and researchers who impact manufacturing daily from around the world.

SME Mentor Programs Faculty and staff (and graduate students) can volunteer to be a mentor to a high school student or a manufacturing professional, or they can be mentored. Clarify questions about educational and career paths with industry contacts.

National Events Encourage faculty and their students to attend regional and national events highlighting industry best practices. SME members can walk the exhibit floor for free. They also will receive substantial discounts off of the educational conference registration. See new and emerging technologies in action on the exhibit floor.

Technical Community Network Encourage faculty, staff and students to get involved in a Technical Community.

Support Your Students' Educations & Careers

SME offers resources that are beneficial to undergraduate and graduate students, including funding, networking, out-of-class educational experience, and competitions. These resources can be shared by the SME members at your institution as part of your group membership.

Here are just a few examples of SME career resources:

Scholarships Faculty and staff can notify students about scholarships from the SME Education Foundation to fund their educations. More than 200 scholarships are offered to graduating high school students, undergraduate students and graduate students. Special scholarship for family members of SME members.

Internships Jumpstart your student’s careers with meaningful internship opportunities posted on the SME Intern Board

Competitions Gain visibility for your academic programs by competing in technical contests that begin locally and continue through state and national levels.

The Digital Manufacturing Challenge is open to postsecondary students and provides visibility to academic programs.

SME Jobs Connection Thousands of manufacturing-related jobs worldwide. A great resource for your Career Placement Office.

STEM Premier Encourage your students to build a profile on STEM Premier for scholarship and job opportunities:

SME Postsecondary Student Membership An SME Postsecondary Student Membership is only $20 annually. It can be purchased as a gift for the student.