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As an SME member benefit, the SME Knowledge & Resource Center provides technical information and knowledge on a vast array of manufacturing processes and other engineering-related subjects, including access to CIRP papers. We use national subscription-based and government databases, as well as information from 20,000 global news sources, to assist our members with their most pressing research needs and queries.

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Examples of queries recently submitted by members to the Knowledge & Resource Center

Q: I want to learn more about the coining process. Can you help?

Q: What are the commercially available grades of Q&P steel?

Q: How is a drip irrigation tube with an internal welded nozzle made?

Q: I am looking for research on removing chlorinated paraffin found in Hangsterfers Hardcut 5618 from titanium parts using room temperature solvent baths.

Q: How do I cut plastic with a .010 extended-reach end mill?

Q: I am looking for literature on adaptive control machining.