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Lean Certification

Lean Certification validates your knowledge of and experience with lean principles. Lean Certification offered by the Lean Certification Alliance — Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME), Shingo Institute, and SME – is a global, industry-recognized professional credential.

Bronze, Silver, Gold

Apply for Lean Certification at the rank most appropriate to your career, knowledge, and experience.



  • Successfully applying tactical implementation within a work cell, work group, or value stream to drive improvement and show measurable results.
  1. Lean Bronze Certification exam
  2. Lean Bronze Portfolio including three tactical projects
  3. 80 Education/Training hours


  • Leading teams
  • Successfully applying lean thinking, processes, and techniques to value stream improvements
  • Nurturing lean behaviors in others
  • Two or more years of professional experience
  1. Lean Silver Certification exam
  2. Lean Silver Accomplishment Record
  3. 160 Education/Training hours including Mentoring and/or Coaching Activities


  • Overseeing various improvement teams
  • Driving changes that span multiple value streams
  • Leading and coaching other leaders in the transformation process
  • Demonstrated success in driving both lean organizational and human developmental efforts
  • Five or more years professional experience
  1. Lean Gold Certification exam
  2. Lean Gold Accomplishment Record
  3. 240 Education/Training hours including Mentoring and/or Coaching Activities
  4. Gold Peer Interview


Find out which Lean Certification level you qualify for! This short assessment tests your readiness for Lean Certification and helps determine where you should start your journey. To further guide you, The Lean Competency and Behavior Model (PDF) outlines minimum competencies and expected behaviors for each level.



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