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Who is SME?

Manufacturing has long been central to global economies and prosperity, creating value and opportunity for communities, workers and their families. It is absolutely vital.

And, SME has been supporting the manufacturing industry for over 85 years. Working closely with manufacturing professionals, companies, educators, schools and communities, we share knowledge and resources that generate solutions to manufacturing industry challenges.

2017 Vision

Key focus areas for SME include:

  1. The state of manufacturing: In order to bring manufacturing into the mainstream, we feel it is critical to showcase career options and exciting opportunities available in manufacturing and inspire youth to get involved.
  2. Advanced manufacturing technology: Through our members and industry experts we collaborate, aggregate and disseminate technical information and expertise.
  3. The workforce: Manufacturers rely on a skilled, technical and professional workforce to drive innovation, increase productivity and remain globally competitive. SME is a leading resource for manufacturing knowledge and training.